Tax Preparer


CTEC requires California tax preparers to obtain a $5,000 surety bond.
California Tax Preparer bonds are instant issue. No credit check is required. Bond will be emailed to you.

$5,000 California Tax Preparer Bond
for CTEC registration

$25.00 - 1 year term
$45.00 - 2 year term
$50.00 - 3 year term
$64.00 - 4 year term
$80.00 - 5 year term


Renew your existing bond

If we issued your current bond and you need a copy of your renewal invoice or your continuation certificate, email us your name and bond number to [email protected]

Merchants Bonding Company will mail your renewal invoice about 60 days before your current bond expires.

Use the renewal link and code provided on your invoice to pay for your renewal by credit/debit card directly on the Merchants Bonding Company website.  

If you have not received your renewal invoice for your current (unexpired) tax preparer bond, please contact Merchants Bonding Company at 800-678-8171.  They will email you a Direct Renewal payment link to pay online.


If you want to register with CTEC now and you don't already have an active bond on file with CTEC,
use today's date the "effective date" for your bond when you enter your order information.
Bonds dated for a future date will not be active until such date and may affect your CTEC registration.

  • Tax preparers must get their bond first and then complete the registration with CTEC. 
  • Tax preparers may get their bond before they complete their tax course. 
  • Your tax preparer bond will contain the bond number you need to register with CTEC 
  • Your tax preparer bond will be emailed to the email address you provide in your order. 
  • You can order bonds for one or more tax preparers in a single transaction. 
  • We do not charge broker fees, transaction fees or any other miscellaneous fees. 
  • Bonds ordered M-F before 2:00pm are usually processed same day. 
  • All premiums are fully earned. Once your bond is issued, the premium is non-refundable.
  • Email us if you need to change any of the bond information after the bond has been issued.