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The motor vehicle title bond is required to register or transfer a vehicle when evidence of ownership is not available. It is commonly used when the original vehicle title has been lost, misplaced, destroyed, or was not received by the buyer. This bond has several different names including Defective Title Bond, Lost Title Bond, Certificate of Title Bond or Motor Vehicle Ownership Surety Bond (REG 5057). 

The Undocumented Vessel Surety Bond (REG 5058) is used for vessels if proof of ownership cannot be provided and the vessel's value is $2,000 or more. 



  • The rate is $10 per $1,000 bonded, with a $50 minimum premium. Updated:  July 2020
  • If the value of the vehicle is less than $5,000, the premium will be $50 and you can pay online now.
  • If the value of the vehicle is greater than $5,000, we will calculate the premium and email you an invoice and payment link.
  • California vehicles: if the amount of the bond is greater than $25,000, we will need a completed and signed bond application.
  • Foreign vehicles: if the bond amount is greater than $15,000, we will need a completed and signed bond application.
  • Bonds are processed upon receipt of payment and the required documentation.  If we do not receive sufficient documentation to process the bond then we may need to refund your order.


  1. If the value of the vehicle is $5,000 or less, complete the bond information on the order page 
  2. If the value of the vehicle is greater than $5,000, email us the bond amount and documentation and we will send you a premium quote.

  3.  File upload your documentation for proof of ownership, including:
  • Report of Deposit of Fees (RDF)
  • Vehicle/Vessel Transfer and Reassignment form REG262 
  • Completed Bill of Sale form REG 135 - signed by both buyer and seller
  • Completed VIN verification form
  • Previous registration 
  • Old out-of-state title
  • Evidence/picture of diligent effort - certified letter returned to the sender, unclaimed and unopened for lienholder out of business issues.
  • BOND APPLICATION (PDF) if required.
Not all situations will have all of these types of documentation.


Please note: Bonds cannot be processed until we receive the required documentation and payment.

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