Bluewater Surety Insurance Services provides commercial surety bonds that are required in California. We are a bond agency and our focus is on helping you get the surety bond you need.  We do not write home or auto insurance policies or commercial general liability.
    Some of the most common types of bonds we write include
  • CTEC/California tax preparer bonds and tax preparer errors and omissions insurance
  • DMV motor vehicle title and DMV undocumented vessel title bonds
  • vehicle verifier, vehicle registration service and ICC/Freight broker bonds
  • process server, legal document assistant, and notary public bonds and notary public errors and omissions insurance
Many license and permit bonds do not require a credit check. Other bonds, depending on the type of bond and bond amount, will require full financials and a credit check.  Depending on the type of bond, some of these bonds can be emailed to you, some will need to be mailed to you and some will be filed electronically on your behalf. 

$5,000 California Tax Preparer Bond
for CTEC registration

  $25 - 1 year bond

  $45 - 2 year bond

  $50 - 3 year bond

  $64 - 4 year bond

  $80 - 5 year bond

This bond will be emailed to you so that you can upload it for your CTEC registration.
We do not charge any additional processing fees.

If we issued your current bond and you need a copy of your renewal invoice or your continuation certificate, email us your name and bond number to [email protected]