Immigration Consultant

Immigration Consultant Bonds
Prior to engaging in the business or acting in the capacity of an immigration consultant, a person must obtain a $100,000 bond from a corporate surety and file a copy of the bond with the California Secretary of State's office.

We are pleased to offer great new rates as low as $1,250 per two-year term for experienced California Immigration Consultants with clean credit.

A mid-tier rate of $1,500 per two year term is available based on credit score.

The standard rate for new applicants is $1,700 per two year term.

This bond requires a completed and signed BOND APPLICATION (PDF) and a credit report, and is subject to underwriting approval. Underwriting turnaround time is normally 1 business day. 

A renewal or continuation of an immigration consultant surety bond must be filed with the Secretary of State prior to the expiration of the surety bond. If the renewal or continuation is not filed with the Secretary of State prior to the expiration of the surety bond, the person covered by the bond may not engage in the business or act in the capacity of an immigration consultant until he or she again has complied with all of the qualification requirements, including the submission of a new surety bond, disclosure statement, and the passing of a background check. Surety bond continuation certificates or similar documents purporting to renew surety bonds that are received after the expiration of the applicable surety bond will be returned unfiled.

For more information on becoming a licensed California Immigration Consultant, please visit the Secretary of State's website at:


Bonds and rates are subject to underwriting approval.

All rates are subject to change without notice.